Mohamud’s Success Story

When I was in Form 2 in Ifo Secondary School, towards the end of the year the school administration told us to make subject selections such that each person will only study for 7 subjects, instead of the 12 subjects we were already learning, for the next two more years until the final exam. My ideal subject combination involved Business Studies and Geography subjects. Due to shortage of resources in the school, the subjects were grouped into 3 streams which meant for me that I am no longer able to select both Business Studies and Geography together. Realizing this and considering my passion for the latter, I was determined to go for Geography.

Soon came another news that the only geography teacher in the school was being promoted into an administrative role in Hagadera secondary school and would be gone in the next few days. I was in dilemma. Should I forego Geography although I saw myself as having a potential career in geography in the long term? Or should I go ahead with this plan and study by myself knowing that I won’t be getting feedbacks on projects and terminal exams let alone having someone to guide me through the geography curriculum.

After numerous consultations and critical analysis of my options, I had to go for the Business Studies stream. Time went by and I found myself through university. At this point I still had the geography interest. Luckily I found out that getting into geography here was easier than I thought. I only had to do some prerequisites. Today I am in the final year of university in a prominent field of geography called Environment and Sustainability at a highly reputable Canadian university.

Always plan in advance for what you want to be and how want to get there. Circumstances can be challenging and unplanned events can sometimes unfold along your study journey. Life is not a bed of roses and challenges are always there to make us stronger in overcoming the next one with ease.

Always be ambitious and set your goals right. But also know that there are very many options at post-secondary level when you have attained good grades at the secondary level. Work hard right now, no matter what subject combinations you chose or circumstances made you choose. It is only the outcome of this hard-work and the persistence to succeed that will make it easier for you to achieve whatever you dreamed of.