Ongoing Conversations

LLTD Research Team actively engages in 2-3 hour regular weekly meetings as well as small group discussions, online communications and other pre-scheduled work commitments all aimed at promoting conversations about Student Learning and Teacher Education at Dadaab Refugee Camp.

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We do data analysis, transcription of audio records, literature reviews, among others. Currently we are preparing for a prominent conference in May about Paulo Freire – exploring perspectives and diverse understanding on his research on critical pedagogy in mass education. The team conducts regular dialogue and discusses contradictions related to living, learning and teaching across two decades in Dadaab, and speaks to critical issues related to the provision of education with displaced people who live in long-term, controlled conditions, while encountering inflexible borders, insecurity, oppression, political and cultural differences, colonized curriculum and its language.

A living Narrative of Curriculum: Educational Experiences In Dadaab Refugee Camp. This paper which at baseline development level will examine the development of curriculum in the history of Dadaab education.  The team is doing theorization of literature to understand the narratives, policies and perspectives in which curriculum is built on in Dadaab schools from its establishment to its current manifestation in contemporary learners, graduates and educators who are teaching in the very system they have learnt all through. We also analyze the national exam in a refugee context, which is held yearly but was demonstrated as having a valuable currency, and the school watchmen too who are unique and key players in Dadaab education as they, together with Parent Teachers Association (PTA), contribute to the success of many refugee students in their education due to their multi-structured responsibilities.