Dadaab Stories

This page contains videos from Dadaab refugee camps. These will be videos of encouragement, hope, inspiration and persistence to refugee life. It will be very educational especially if you are interested in knowing more about the life of refugees in Dadaab camps in Kenya which is about 25 years old now and is the largest camp in the world. We hope you enjoy them.

If you feel more interested after watching the videos you can also check the website; Dadaab Stories by FilmAid International based in Dadaab.

Messages from syrian refugee students in Dadaab to Syrian children refugees in Jordan and around the world.

Dadaab newsletter; The Refugee

Dadaab refugee students talking about the importance of education

Challenges of going to school; the story of a young boy in Dadaab.

Future Dreams of Pupils from Dadaab.

BHER documentary about the need for education in Dadaab

Radio broadcasts entertain and educate Dadaab refugees

Scholarship Initiatives for young women in Dadaab

The ambition of a young-orphan-blind-talented-school boy

What Dadaab looks like

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador tells her experiances during her visit to Dadaab

Kristin Davis from OXFAM becomes emotional when talking what she saw in Dadaab

This video talks about Teaching in Dadaab  refugee camp and  the future  aspirations  of teachers and pupils of Dadaab.