Ibrahim’s Success story

Everyone in this universe have got something or a moment that he/she cherishes and feels proud when they recall and that moment remains in their hearts forever, this is one of the moments that’s worth sharing and passing on to their children in the future. It could be a story, event or even small act of favor that means a lot to them. Similarly, I have such moments that I feel they are worth sharing too. First of all, let me make clear to whoever is reading this that everyone’s story has its own uniqueness and your story may not relate to mine at all due to difference in the geography we live or the religion, culture and tradition we practice. However, there is one part where we all feel the same and that’s we are all humans and we love to live happy and beautiful lives hence that’s what matters a lot and it’s where I am drawing the line of my short story. Remember I said we all humans, that means we are all capable of making differences if we put the right effort into it so her goes a short moment of my younger self.

At the age of seventeen, I arrived in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world, Dadaab Refugee camp, with the intention of nothing but only learning English language and going back to my home country(Somalia) after achieving that goal, I was ready and determined as well passionate about learning English hence didn’t see all other obstacles that were ahead of me, living in a refugee camp where I had no parents or even close relatives been the hardest of them. Upon my arrival I started going to private tuitions where English language was thought and there I started working hard and memorizing a bunch of difficult vocabularies that I even don’t remember most of them now. Three months later, I was able to at least read and understand the basic sentences and that gave me the courage of joining primary school and having primary certificate was something tangible than just learning language and going back so there came another plan, I joined primary school and I started from grade seven, I know what you are thinking of, how did I manage to go into grade seven and how was I able to compete with students that have been there since grade one, for the enrolment part, let say it was one lucky moment I got but when it comes to how I managed to compete with and catch up with other students, the fact is that I didn’t compete, I had my own competition with myself so that buries the hatchet I hope. To make the story short, I didn’t do well in my first two exams in grade seven but qualified to grade eight and thereafter started performing well that made me qualify for high school and then secure a sponsorship to study in one of the best university in the world (UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA) where I am writing this story from right now, so for you as a reader of this article what is the importance of taking some of your precious time? I hope you noticed that having one thing that you don’t feel bored about it is important and then been open to improving your plans is something you should always need to keep in mind but the most important that I would tell you to take out of this article is always focus on the opportunities instead of the challenges for everything you do there is a difficult path to go through.