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Living, learning and teaching in Dadaab (LLTD) camps is a research project that aims at improving the academic welfare of the refugee teachers in Dadaab. It is supported by the university of British columbia (UBC) and run along side with Moi University. UBC and Moi University run the Secondary Teacher Education Program which is the product of the project and is based in Dadaab. The two universities operate at a campus in Dadaab which not only benefits the refugees but also the Kenyan locals in Dadaab. Our existing relationship with Moi University  and Windle Trust Kenya focuses on building a teacher education program for Dadaab secondary school teachers in order to improve education for these teachers in the camp.  Windle Trust Kenya is a charitable trust engaged in Dadaab camps to provide higher education and professional training through the provision of English language classes, sponsorship in higher education and referral to universities in Canada and Europe. Windle Trust Kenya has provided educational support to refugee camps in Kenya for the past 20 years. It works closely with administrators and teachers in Dadaab’s seven secondary schools, and assists with arranging and hosting of the stay of professors in Dadaab and providing the necessary permissions and security needed for movement throughout the camp.